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A Clubhouse Interview

August 7th, 2022

7 PM Sunday CST

Marcia Martin
Marcia Martin
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Marcia Martin Club

The Grande Dame of Transformation

Marcia has personally trained hundreds of thousands of people around the world to communicate more effectively, lead more powerfully, and relate more intimately. She has mentored thousands of life Coaches, personal development Trainers, motivational Speakers, and business Executives to be champions at what they do.

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Get to know Marcia Martin

Global speaker, corporate executive coach, transformational thought leader, and change maker extraordinaire, Marcia Martin has trained over 300,000 people around the globe how to look in a very direct way at the prison they have created in life that limits them from reaching their full potential.


Episode 254 Let Your Heart Guide Your Transformation with Marcia Martin

In this video, Debra Kasowski speaks with Marcia Martin about the power of transformation and the importance of committing first.

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Marcia Martin - Top podcast episodes

Too often we’re conditioned to believe we have to choose, limiting the expansiveness of our dreams and potential. Or we get caught up in “failures,” resisting the flow of our life path, as opposed to trusting it.This incredible conversation with the industry’s “Godmother of Transformation,” Marcia Martin, is all about exercising your dream muscles to match the frequency of your desires...

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The #IsThereEnough conversation on Clubhouse ...

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