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A Clubhouse Roundtable

Saturday Sept 17th, 2022

5:00 PM EST

Bruce Hardy Myera Group
Bruce Hardy
President at Function Four an Information Technology and Services Consultant
Since Funtions Four's inception in 1996, Bruce has helped grow the company into a leader in e-health innovation, research and software development. seeing firsthand the effect of food insecurity, food availability, and the essential role nutrition plays in early childhood developmental disorders, Bruce founded myra group in 2012. Myera Group's vision is to map community and individual health outcomes to a dynamic food production system.
David Rourke Farms
David Rourke
Co-Owner/Operator, Rourke Farms Organics, Minto, MB
David Rourke tends to introversion, often takes the road less travelled or blazing a road where none previously existed. Having grown up in the city and after completing a Master in Agricultural Plant Science, he and his wife Diane decided they wanted to start a farm. With $4000 and a chance to rent 300 acres in 1980, David and Diane with their family now farm 6000 acres. David has worn many hats on this journey, with a trail of enterprises and projects. David has sat on numerous boards, including The Manitoba North Dakota Zero tillage Farmer’s Association, Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Association, Cereals Canada, Keystone Agriculture Producers-- environment committee and Canadian Agri Food Policy Institute. David has assisted in the publication of the Zero Till- Production Guide, Intensive Cereal Management Guide, A Guide to Risk Management in Intensive Wheat Production. David also founded and ran The Conservation Tillage Productivity Centre during the early 1990’s to give the adoption to zero till farming a boost. In 1983 after completing a research contract with the University of Manitoba, David and Diane started their own research company, Ag Quest, Inc, David handed of the reins over to his oldest daughter in 2017. Ag-Quest has 5 research stations across Western Canada, conducting field, greenhouse and growth room studies on behalf of over 90 clients with the help of their 26 research crews. Since 2017 David has been able to focus on farming and as the book describes positioning fossil fuel free farming as a significant solution to global warming.David and Diane have 8 grandkids and another expected. Thisbook is dedicated to them..

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10 Billion People by 2052

There is no better lense to view survival and sustainability from than food. What we are going to be asking is if we actually have enough to feed humanity. We throw away more than 30% of all we produce, everyday, enough to feed everyone who is hungry yet people almost a billion people still go hungry. Today, with vertical produce and aqua farming for fish and sea based nutrition, its mathematically possible, if we had the right agreements in place, to feed 10 Billion people, and to do it sustainably.

How to Feed 10 Billion People

United Nations environment program
Published July 13, 2020
Feeding the world image

How to feed the world without destroying the planet

By Stephen Leahy
Published July 17, 2019
7Min Read

The world’s population will hit 10 billion in 2050. A new report offers solutions for how more food can be grown sustainably.


Change the game change the future

By The Lexicon
Published October 1, 2021
4:21Min Watch

In the quest to transform global agri-food systems, reducing food loss and waste seems like a straightforward way to fight hunger, increase access to healthy diets, and protect the environment. But the reality is more complicated...

World Affairs

We Have the Power to Stop World Hunger

By World Affairs
30Min Listen

When the World Food Program was awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, executive director David Beasley warned that “famine is at humanity’s doorstep.” Hunger is not new, but the coronavirus pandemic and global recession have thrown millions of people into poverty and food insecurity. The good news...

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