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A Clubhouse Roundtable

September 20th, 2022

Thursday 1 PM Tuesday EST

Daniel Matalon
Daniel Matalon
Kristie Thompson
Debbie Resnick
Debbie Resnick

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In an age of over information, algorithms, deep fakes and personalized news feeds, is it even possible to know the truth anymore? Join our panel for a discussion that is not just modern, but ancient as well.

What is truth ?

By: Neel Burton MD, Psychology Today
Published: June 17th 2019
20 min Read

Truth is a property not so much of thoughts and ideas but more properly of beliefs and assertions. But to believe or assert something is not enough to make it true, or else the claim that ‘to believe something makes it true’ would be just as true as the claim that ‘to believe something does not make it true.’

How we see truth
Klaus Verfehlt/Getty

What You Experience may Not Exist, Inside The Strange Truth of Reality

By Donna lu, Allison George, Daniel Cossins and Layal Loverpool
Published Jan 29th 2020
15 min read

“ I don’t know about you, but I feel that I have a perfectly good perception of reality. Inside my head is a vivid depiction of the world around me, replete with sounds, smells, colour and objects. So it is rather unsettling to discover this might all be a fabrication. Some researchers even contend that the live-stream movie in my head bears no resemblance whatsoever to reality…”


The Social Dilemma

Directed By Jeff Orlowski
Published to Netflix
Time: 1hr 34min

“This movie blew my mind on how absolutely controlled our content is and how it is tearing apart not just the USA but the world. We have become so reliant on technology to search for truth, but if we are purposely only getting HALF of the story because of AI’s, how are we supposed to know what is truth?”


Gapminder Institute

Founded by the late Hans Rosling, the Gapminder Institute is dedicated to bringing clarity to our global conversations through data and surveys including the Global Factfulness Quiz. From their website: 

"We humans are born with a craving for fat and sugar. But that’s not all – we are also born with a craving for drama..."

Take Factfulness Quiz
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