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Thursday, Sept 15th, 2022

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Moses West, founder of AWG Contracting & The Moses West Foundation
Moses West
Founder of AWG Contracting
& The Moses West Foundation
Moses West is a legend, and an innovator of human survival. He is the holder of patents in Atmospheric Water Generation that can genuinely solve the world's water crisis. Both the Moses West Foundation he founded, and his personal advocacy for sustainable solutions for humanity, make him a man for the moment.

He is also a military veteran and an esteemed member of the 75th Ranger Regiment, the Second Armored Division, the Second Infantry Division, the Seventh Cavalry Regiment and the 101st Airborne Division. Moses is all about definite determination. He is a force of nature.
Dexter Moon, Managing Partner, AWG Contracting
Dexter Moon
Managing Partner, AWG Contracting

Dexter is Moses West's primary business partner in AWG Contracting and is just as big a thinker. He is the engine of development of relationship with the US Military, government, and private/public sectors that AWGC serves bringing his own military experience to civilian and first responder benefit.

Although he is a logistics and business process professional of 20 years, Dexter has a bigger story to tell about resource scarcity that is not about technology, or capital, or infrastructure planning, but about human beings and the often frustrating obstacles that we put in front of our scientifically recognized solutions.
Charles Holsopple Founder of Sushi 222 a human rights campaign
Charles Holsopple
Founder CEO Sukhi 222
Charles is a career Human Rights Activist, an artist, and philanthropist. He is the Founder of The Sukhi 222 Human Rights Campaign, a nonprofit organization based in the USA, and working remotely in Africa, Asia, and South America to provide clean water, adequate nutrition and secure shelter to those in desperate need for survival.

Working in collaboration with ambassadors on the ground, Sukhi 222 has successfully delivered water filtration to clinics, schools and orphanages identified as having the greatest need. This success combining a small amount of capital and a legion of volunteers has delivered 10 years worth of clean drinking water to almost 30,000 people in 24 countries. More remarkably this has been done at a surprisingly affordable cost of $1 per person, ( just 10 cents) per person per year.
Andrew Walker
Chief Marketing Officer of Evove
Andrew has widespread international experience in the water sector and a variety of industries for which water is key. Formerly Global Communications Director at Siemens Water Technologies, Director of Communications at the International Water Association (IWA) and founder of Blue Gold Marketing, he describes himself as “addicted to water”. As Chief Marketing Officer of Evove, he takes care of engagement in key markets as well as being the brand custodian.

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Atmospheric Water Generator

“The conditions in the American West which we're seeing around the Colorado River basin have been so dry for more than 20 years that we're no longer speaking of a drought,” said Lis Mullin Bernhardt, an ecosystems expert at UNEP. “We refer to it as ‘aridification’ — a new, very dry normal.”

Western U.S. Faces Water and Power Shortages Due to Climage Change, U.N. Warns.

By Ben Adler Senior Editor
Published August 2nd 2022
3 Min Read
LiveScience logo

How Much Water is in Earth's Atmosphere?

Published Jan 10th 2022
5 Min Read

Quite simply, there's billions of gallons of water — mostly in the form of vapor — in the skies right now


Our Drinking Water- Is The World Drying Up?

By DW Documentary
Published March 20th 2022
42 Min Watch

"...From the heights of the Swiss Alpine glaciers, the documentary travels down to the seafloor, off the coast of Malta. Here, the crew of the German expedition ship "Sonne" wants to track down mysterious freshwater deposits in the Mediterranean. Next up is Peru where, in a bid to counteract the threat of water shortages, work is underway on projects that use ancient Incan methods..."

What about water with Jay Famiglietti  a podcast

What About Water? Global Institute for Water Security

Host Jay Famiglietti
Published July 13th 2022
This is some text inside of a div block.

"What About Water" connects water science with the stories that bring about solutions, adaptations & actions for the world's water realities. Hosted by Jay Famiglietti and presented by the Global Institute for Water Security and The Walrus Lab. Formerly known as "Let's Talk About Water".

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