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The Global Economic Question of Our Time

The #IsThereEnough campaign began organically, from a conversation that was designed as a way of educating social impact investors to how the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (also known as the 17 SDGs) could be met through private/public partnerships. ( add in some image of UN 17)

When the language and education model of the campaign evolved from not telling people about it but rather posing this into a question,( image of someone yelling (someone covering their ears) at someone vs asking a question with images of tech, and natural resources behind them) someone ask which centered around how all the world’s already available natural and capital resources can support 100% of all human beings. It changed the campaign and conversation completely. That question is very simple but powerful and hought evoking, one which is framed as #IsThereEnough?  It immediately took on an appeal to policy makers, educators, and everyday citizens. Making them pause and reflect on their world and how it is either abundant or not. If it is then how can that abundance reach others, if not then what needs to be done to fill that void. How would you answer that question?

The noted American design scientist, Buckminster Fuller, who lived until 1983  expressed, in his desire to see the world work for 100% of humanity, he came to realize that human beings do not know how to measure wealth, survival, or prosperity other than by measures of money.  This measurement leaves out a great deal of what wealth really is based on, and which affects survival.  He suggested an alternate “balance sheet” concept rather than wealth based on mere profit and loss, it would be to measure “survival” or “standard of living” x number of days, over time.  For example, if i only had enough money to last me to the end of the week and I told a friend and that friend rather than giving me money brought over food and water enough to help me through the next pay period then my "wealth" for the month increased.  

Basing money as the only component of  measure, and if that measure is workable, the idea was proposed by this campaign, in response to the #IsThereEnough question, that #agreement itself is really what breeds wealth and increased survival. If understood by the next generation of leaders, a philosophy and practice of #agreement could be made to rewrite economic theory and create a more inclusive economic justice social contract. Agreement is what society is really based on but human beings are clearly not very good at it, given the state of our politics and social discourse around the world. Historically speaking, over 70,000 years, humanity has been better at war than agreement.

Agreement certainly does happen, but generally after people are tired of war, and it is after war, that wealth tends to increase, in a spate of agreement. These agreements are often called Treaties and they are usually set to the terms of dictate by the winners which is why we have an economic inclusion problem. The #IsThereEnough campaign, therefore, is proposing a universal standard of economic agreement in the form of a treaty, to be signed by 100 Million individuals, (not by nations or partisan organizations) and with only one clause, to simply put “agreement over war”. This notion is echoed by the great American Ben Ferencz’s idea of “law over war” and it is intended to be a non denominational, and non nation constitutional basis for human rights.

Buckminster FullerWorld Game

Buckminster Fuller, one of the 20th century’s most prolific, productive and innovative thinkers, designers, and engineers, defined an objective for humanity based on his mathematical research in which all human beings on earth could survive and achieve a genuine standard of living. This was not posed as an effort by governments, but as an alliance of people recognizing not only the legitimate right of survival for everyone, but the available resources and means, mathematically, for it to be realized, by collaboration and science.

A promising number of people around the world have come together to recognize a simple truth of human survival.  Wealth, a category that is more than money, but the totality of our land, food, water, energy, technology, and currency, and all the other wealth that can be defined that feeds us, is not produced by resources, as our economic systems have us imagine. Wealth, and survival itself, are actually produced by #agreement, something humans are just not historically good at. We’ve been good at war for most of 70,000 years, and our modern economic systems are built on it. In 300 years of economic cycles, it is primarily after war, that we really expand wealth.  Yet, no amount of war, nor class, cultural or political conflict, stops us, as sovereign individuals, from choosing to make #agreement our #value, even to make it a basic economic one.

Yes We Can
One Agreement at A Time

Making the world work for 100% of us, starts with a new agreement, from a new conversation of economic justice and survival, that starts with the biggest question you can ask about human survival, #IsThereEnough. There is no debate about social policy, politics, or survival itself in which that question is not hovering like a silent cloud.

No matter how you respond to #IsThereEnough, the conversation it will inspire will almost always lead us to an unmistakable path of responsibility, that recognizes that all people matter. They matter for justice, and for true economic value and growth. Agreement is the power that truly builds wealth and survival, not resources. It's just that humans have been much better at war than agreement and the treaties are usually dictated by the winners. That is why we have an "inclusion" problem. We think it is now that new time in history to consider, for the first time, skipping war, and going right to agreement. It is your opportunity to exercise a choice. It is something each of us can actually do, and as each of your fellow signers adopts it, and we reach our goal of 100 Million, we, the people who "agree to agree", can move the world to work economically for each and every one of us.

If you really want to make an impact, step up, make your voice count, and sign on. It might be the only treaty many of us ever get to have a hand in. You have that, right now.
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What are people saying about #IsThereEnough

Patti McEuen
Champion Aquatics Coach, Founder of #DreamCatchers Foundation
“#IsThereEnough is exactly the right question at exactly the right time in history.”
Debbie Resnick
Business Professional & Environmental Activist
“The path from here to there requires new systems, methods and organizations. That would require new agreements. The “#IsThereEnough campaign is a bold and forward thinking platform to enable those conversations and agreements!”
Adiraj Gupta
Investment Strategist Co Founder Impact Launchpad
“I believe #IsThereEnough shows a unique promise to encourage cooperation that will help create a more inclusive social and economic system of wealth and sustainability.”
Moshe Garelik
Founder of the UniOne Campaign
“I support and endorse the #IsThereEnough conversation because this question is awakening the continuous space in human beings where we recognize that there is enough and we are all one.”
Hon, E. David Burt, JP, MP
Bermuda Premier
"The #IsThereEnough conversation stretches our imagination. It suggests that we might have more resources to work with that we think do...This opportunity is worth a discussion."
Kristie Thompson
Impact Investment Producer, President of #IsThereEnough USA, and a Certified DAR Member
"As a conservative, I see #IsThereEnough reaching out into the common heart of humanity and reminding us that we ALL have value, no matter who we are, or where we are on this planet. ”
Sherif Samy Botros
Founder and CEO of Autonomicity Game & Alpha ProMega Media
"I immediately knew once I discovered #IsThereEnough ... that our goals align, to save the world and make it better. i feel absolutely privileged, and honored to collaborate, and contribute towards ensuring the success of this critically important mission"
Rodrique Fouafou
Pan African Diaspora Leader, Angel Investor, Founder and CEO of HartNamtemah and Wouessi Limited
"#IsThereEnough is a stronger voice of wider reach, here to drive an inclusive conversation helps make the world actually work for 100% of humanity ."
Daniel Asomani
Founder and CEO of Vodec Africa
"#IsThereEnough is a movement that demands answers of global partnerships and economic inclusion. We need to move to an era of co-operation for sustainability and survival."
Thibault Verbiest
Global Fintech Leader, Novelist and Former Advisor to The World Bank
"#IsThereEnough is about a new era in our evolution, as a global society. As a campaign built around real and meaningful conversations, it is about building a future, of economic and social inclusion, through the power of agreement"
Fiona Lee Evans
Director, Pimento Hall International School
"#IsThereEnough was introduced to students and families at our school. From kindergarten, to the teens in Grade 8, each child left the room curious to test the application of ‘an agreement mindset’ in their own lives”