#IsThereEnough a conversation of human survival

The Conversation Of Human Survival

That bridges political divides and creates a foundation for agreement and trust.

Inspired by Buckminster Fullers World Game, we have created a natural extension off that from the external systematic examination to the internal personal one.

Twenty five different countries and thousands of hours of research

IsThereEnough is a nonprofit dedicated to replacing war with agreement. We conduct our conversation by webinars, zoom meetings, surveys, dinners and the casual conversation.

We have asked this question all over the world to hundreds of people from diplomates to cabdrivers and even a classroom of kindergarteners.

But why are we asking the world is there enough?

Our goal is to make the world work for 100% of humanity

What does it mean to make the world work?

Buckminster Fuller's World Game was a problem-solving tool and a social experiment designed to address global challenges and create a sustainable future for humanity. The game was based on the principles of systems thinking, where players would analyze and design solutions to complex global problems using a world map and other visual aids.

The World Game aimed to demonstrate that there is enough resources and technology available to meet the basic needs of every human being on the planet, provided that resources were managed effectively and equitably.

We are playing Bucky's
World Game

How does the IsThereEnough question add to the World Game?
While the World Game was designed to help people understand the interconnectedness of global issues and work together to solve them, the IsThereEnough question brings a deeper level of introspection to the process. Our conversation encourages people to examine their values and assumptions about the world, and to consider the implications of global resource distribution.
The IsThereEnough question shifts focus from external problem-solving to internal reflection and self-awareness.

How does the #IsThereEnough conversation work?

We invite people to this conversation through webinars, zoom meetings, dinners, surveys or the casual conversation. By asking people if there is enough for all of humanity to survive rather than telling them shifts the conversation from a top-down, authoritative approach to a more collaborative and inclusive approach. It empowers individuals to assess their own needs and resources, and to have a voice in decision-making processes that affect them.  

We create a space for dialogue and mutual understanding by doing this, we can build trust and foster a sense of community. This can also lead to more creative solutions and collaborations that take into account diverse perspectives and needs.

IsThereEnough 2.0 Conversation
It can help to challenge assumptions and narratives around scarcity and competition, and instead promote a mindset of abundance and cooperation. It can also encourage people to think about sustainability and long-term planning, rather than short-term gains, this also can help to promote a more democratic, equitable, and sustainable society..

Here are a few IsThereEnough conversations

Conscious Vibe

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Edgy Ideas

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Financial Survival

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Front Row Dads

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Crossing the Rubicon

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What next?

After exploring the question of IsThereEnough in depth, it may become clear that there is indeed enough, but with some important caveats. In fact, there is a rather large "but" in the middle of the matter that must be addressed in order to truly understand the situation.

We are working to solve this problem, with your help.

Buckminster Fuller
#IsThereEnough Survey Answers, try the survey for yourself

How you can be involved

There are many things you can do on this site to experience the conversation,


The founder of IsThereEnough is interviewed on several different podcast.

IsThereEnough Survey

Help our Social Research

Go thru our survey and experience having the conversation for yourself

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The IsThereEnough Fuller Treaty of Humanity

Non-Fungable Treaty

The first treaty signed by individuals and not nations                                      

The IsThereEnough Agreement Academy

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Learn how to be better at making agreements, host an event.

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"What people are saying"

Voices matter, even yours

"The #IsThereEnough conversation stretches our imagination. It suggests that we might have more resources to work with than we think do. This conversation is worth attention and discussion."

Hon, E. David Burt, JP, MP

Hon, E. David Burt, JP MP

Bermuda Premier
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“The path from here to there requires new systems, methods and organizations. That would require new agreements. The “#IsThereEnough campaign is a bold and forward thinking platform to enable those conversations and agreements!”

Debbie Resnick

Debbie Resnick

Business Professional
& Environmental Activist block.

“I believe #IsThereEnough shows a unique promise to encourage cooperation that will help create a more inclusive social and economic system of wealth and sustainability.”

Adriaj Gupta

Adiraj Gupta

CEO / Investment Strategist
Co Founder Impact Launchpad
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"As a conservative, I see #IsThereEnough reaching out into the common heart of humanity and reminding us that we ALL have value, no matter who we are, or where we are on this planet. "

Kristie Thompson

Kristie Marie Thompson

This is some Impact Investment
Producer, President of #IsThereEnough
USA, and a Certified DAR Member

"I immediately knew once I discovered #IsThereEnough ... that our goals align, to save the world and make it better. i feel absolutely privileged, and honored to collaborate, and contribute towards ensuring the success of this critically important mission"

Sherif Samy Botros

Sherif Samy Botros

Founder and CEO of Autonomicity
Game & Alpha ProMega Media

"#IsThereEnough is a movement that demands answers of global partnerships and economic inclusion. We need to move to an era of co-operation for sustainability and survival."

Danie Asomani

Daniel Asomani

Founder and CEO of Vodec Africa

"#IsThereEnough is about a new era in our evolution, as a global society. As a campaign built around real and meaningful conversations, it is about building a future, of economic and social inclusion, through the power of agreement" .

Thibault Verbiest

Thibault Verbiest

Global Fintech Leader,
Novelist and Former Advisor
to The World Bank

"As a conservative, I see #IsThereEnough reaching out into the common heart of humanity and reminding us that we ALL have value, no matter who we are, or where we are on this planet. "

Fiona Lee Evans

Fiona Lee Evans

Director, Pimento Hall
International School

“I support and endorse the #IsThereEnough conversation because this question is awakening the conscious space in human beings where we recognize that there is enough and we are all one.”

Moshe Garelik

Moshe Garelik

Founder of the UniOne Campaign

"#IsThereEnough is a stronger voice of wider reach, here to drive an inclusive conversation helps make the world actually work for 100% of humanity ."

Rodrique Fouafou

Rodrique Fouafou

Pan African Diaspora Leader,
Angel Investor, Founder and
CEO of HartNamtemah and Wouessi

“#IsThereEnough is exactly the right question at exactly the right time in history.”

Patti McEuen

Patti McEwen

Champion Aquatics Coach, Founder of #DreamCatchers Foundation text inside of a div block.
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