Is There a Price Tag on Human Survival?

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Buckminster Fuller said that economic wealth can be measured as survival over time. We choose to say that wealth is really survival (or choice) in a can. Some of us just have a few more cans hanging around than others. If we want to end inequality or poverty, we need to produce more survival and prosperity for more of us. We need to create more of it to go around, in a new model of economic inclusiveness, and the larger that new model is able to become, the better for everyone. But for any new model to go forward, it is going to need a new source of capital investment (resources, ideas, people and cash) to pull it off .

We Think It is a Profitable Investment

Paul Polman
Paul Polman
One of the framers of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development goals for 2030

#IsThereEnough, working inside the resources of Impact Launchpad, has been gathering consensus and commitments from government, banking, and private sectors, to establish a new, open-source style model of investment for impact projects, in which more people can participate and which can spur greater investment more quickly.

Within this effort Impact Launchpad will launch a new type of Global Impact Savings program from which will emerge 100 Impact Centers in 100 Cities under the brand that is this conversation, giving this community physical places to gather and launch real projects raising over $100 Billion and funding more than 50,000 projects and with other investment managers adopting this model, we can begin to address our $3.5 Trillion deficit in 2030 spending.

You Can Make a difference

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When you take the bold action of signing on with your name and agreeing to the #IsThereEnough Economic Peace Treaty, you help us establish a genuine global audience and the influence that makes these goals happen, and if you also choose to invite others to the conversation, that furthers these aims also. Expanding this conversation creates more wealth. The more of it you do, the greater your own influence you can acquire. We have suggestions for how to do that on our "What Can I Do?" page.

Our program will not only reach a global audience of 100 Million , it will also launch Impact Centers in 100 cities, with 100 global leaders who will help us to develop and manage $500 Million worth of impact investment in each city over 10 years. If you want to find yourself taking a role in that effort, it will be from you taking a first step in signing the treaty.

A Movement A Model and Media

#IsThereEnough is a social enterprise with both for-profit and non-profit arms. Its mission is to grow wealth, more than to distribute it. It is about building survival, not rationing it.  It is about making the world work for 100% of humanity. Billionaires are welcome just as much as those that have no money at all. We all have a role to play.

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Expect us to offer events, products, and keepsakes that help us to spread the word, as well as to keep supporting this work. Non profit status will be establshed for the overall project with some subsidiary investments in the for-profit world to support the work. Any profits above expenses will be used to subsidize future impact initiatives. Some of our events will carry a fee, as will some of our media. There will also be a product and clothing line designed to spread the conversation and increase its awareness. We really hope you want to help us by acquiring some. All of these (clothing, products, media and sponsorship) will do more than help us pay our bills. It will ensure that this campaign reaches its goal of 100 Million subscribers and everything in impact finance it will support.

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