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For humanity to meet the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, it is now estimated that we would need to find a way, that we have not yet found, to rapidly raise our investments in the initiatives that help us meet those goals.We need a massive increase in the “defense spending” program that can save human lives. By current estimates, we face a current deficit of more than $3.5 Trillion needed, for our future survival

Is There A Price Tag On Survival?

Buckminster Fuller said that economic wealth can be measured as survival over time. We choose to say that wealth is really "survival in a can". Some of us just have a few more cans hanging around than others. If we want to end inequality or poverty, we need to produce broader survival and prosperity for more of us. We need to produce more to go around, in a new model of economic inclusiveness, and the larger that model is able to become, the larger for everyone. But for any new model to go forward, it is going to need a new source of capital investment (resources, ideas, people and money) to pull it off. We need new investment in the future.

Humanity Is A Good Investment

Not Enough Collaboration

#IsThereEnough, working inside the resources of Impact Launchpad, has been gathering consensus and commitments from government, banking, and private sectors, to establish a new, open-source style model of investment for impact projects, in which more people can participate, and which can spur greater investment in humanity more quickly.

Within this effort Impact Launchpad will launch a new type of Global Impact Savings program from which will emerge 100 Impact Centers in 100 Cities under the brand that is this conversation, giving this community physical places to gather and launch collaborations. Our combined efforts will be responsible for over $100 Billion of funding putting more than 50,000 projects into development. With competitive investment managers adopting this model, we can begin to address our $3.5 Trillion deficit in 2030 SDG spending.

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