A Model for a Movement

#IsThereEnough is a registered  non-profit social enterprise with an interest in supporting for-profit social enterprises. Its mission is to grow wealth, more than to distribute it. It is about building survival, not rationing it.  It is about making the world work for 100% of humanity. Billionaires are welcome just as much as those that have no money at all. We all have a role to play.
#IsThereEnough T Shirt

Expect us to offer events, products, and keepsakes that help us to spread the word, as well as to keep supporting this work. Non profit status will be strictly maintained for the overall project with some subsidiary investments in the for-profit world to support the work known as earned income. Any profits above expenses will be used to subsidize future impact initiatives. Some of our events will carry a fee, as will some of our media. There will also be a product and clothing line designed to spread the conversation and increase its awareness. We really hope you want to help us by acquiring some. All of these (clothing, products, media and sponsorship) will do more than help us pay our bills. It will ensure that this campaign reaches its goal of 100 Million subscribers and everything in impact finance it will support.

Sponsorship - Is Your Brand A Fit ?

Corporate entities, governments and NGO's will not be able to sign the Treaty but they are welcome to affirm it and to sponsor us. If you think your brand's message is already in alignment with our objectives to measurably make the world work for 100% of humanity, feel free to contact us.