A 21st Century
Global Agreement

A New Human Constitution

This is the first global treaty to be signed by individuals,
not nations.
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Each signer of the treaty will get a personal, NFT and verified unique certificate with a unique id number, in sequence, from 001 to 100,000,000 until the treaty is completed. To get the lowest, most prized numbers, be sure to sign up for the prelaunch below.

The Fuller Treaty Of Humanity

An Economic Justice Agreement Of 100 Million Global Citizens


I proudly choose to add my name, my history, my legacy, and my promise, to do everything within my power to build collaboration, to replace conflict with agreement, to promote wealth over poverty, people over resources, and to embrace the increased economic power,  justice, and freedom of inclusion. In so doing, I intend to both contribute to, and benefit from, helping to make the world work for 100% of humanity.

I understand, and acknowledge, that this treaty is a people-powered agreement, not backed by governments, NGO’s, or diplomats, but by sovereign individuals like myself, who choose to act together, to realize what we as the human race are responsible for, ourselves and each other.  Signing this, as a global treaty, is a pledge, a commitment, and a stand that I take, for those alive today, and for future generations tomorrow, so that we may lead an evolution of the human condition, that embraces agreement over war.


"Because this campaign will help everyone realize how truly connected we all are, and how each of us can uniquely contribute"

Moshe Garelik
Founder of the UniOne Campaign


"Because this is a conversation that both conservatives and liberals  can share common ground with each other"

Kristie Thompson
Impact Investment Producer
Certified DAR Member


"Because this is the right question,  at the right time in history"

Patti McEuen
Champion Aquatics Coach,
Founder of #DreamCatchers Foundation


"Because this will help make the world  work for all of humanity, and make a significant impact on society and the economy."

Rodrique Fouafou
Pan African Diaspora Leader


"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse varius enim in eros elementum tristique. Duis cursus, mi "

Daniel Asomani

Founder and CEO of Vodec Africa


"Because this will help make the world  work for all of humanity, and make a significant impact on society and the economy."

Adiraj Gupta
Investment Strategist
Co Founder Impact Launchpad


" The #IsTherEnough conversation stretches our imagination. It suggest that we might have more resources to work with than we think we do and that we are far more able to address the world's challenges together, than when we are divided. This opportunity is worth a discussion."

The Hon, E. David Burt, JP, MP
Premiere of Bermuda
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