Does Humanity Need Its Own Treaty ?

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The Conversation

of trust and agreement

Producing a World Game

that can work for each and for all

"To make the world work for 100% of humanity, in the shortest time possible, through spontaneous collaboration, without ecological offense, or the disadvantage of anyone"   

                                                 Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller, one of the 20th century’s most prolific, productive and innovative thinkers, designers, and engineers, defined an objective for humanity based on his mathematical research that proposed that all human beings on earth could survive and achieve a genuine standard of living beyond it, if we could figure out a way to play a world game, rather than a war game . This was not posed as an effort by governments, but as an alliance of people recognizing not only the legitimate right of survival for everyone, but the available resources and means, mathematically, for it to be realized, by collaboration, technology, and science. A promising number of people around the world believe that is possible.

A number of them have come together in action to recognize a simple truth of  sustainability that can be immediately applied to making the world work better. Wealth is not built on resources, land, commodities, jewels, bitcoin or collectibles. It is built on agreement. That truth means everything that can change changes by #agreement, something humans have not been historically good at and certainly not enough for where we are today.

The opposite of war is not peace, the opposite  of war os Agreement.  Daniel T Matalon

Agreement is elusive because we are all descended from warriors in one way or another. For most of our history, war has been a normal part of life, a glory at that, where people gave their lives nobly for their country or their people. Medals and honors were passed on from one generation to another preserving its meaning. We carry stories of war. So does our language of winning in business or art. Killing it, crushing it, blowing it up, swipe file.

If we choose to accept responsibility, on an individual level, to change that one aspect of culture, we can make a difference in what life is in the future. Each of us can dip our hand in that pool. Through this campaign, each of us can express a culture of agreement. We can express solidarity on something that is just as meaningful to our identity as war was, by expressing its opposite today,  by taking few minutes to sign your own personalized copy The Treaty of Humanity. Some may dismiss what your one vote in this culture means, but you cannot dismiss what millions of votes like yours will do to make conflict a lot less attractive and agreement a lot more achievable.  

Each of us make it happen

One agreement at a time
Fuller Treaty of Humanity
Making the world work for 100% of us, starts with a new agreement, from a new conversation of economic justice. It starts with the biggest question you can ask about human survival, and the most personal to you, #IsThereEnough. There is no debate about social policy, politics, or survival itself in which that question is not hovering like a silent cloud. There is no day living without it. It is a question for every situation, every family, and every tribe to answer. Making the world work starts with ourselves.

No matter how you respond, the conversation that follows the question will inevitably lead to an unmistakable face of individual responsibility, that recognizes that each of us matter. We all matter for justice, and for economic value, and for growth. The bridge that makes all that work is agreement, not war. Agreement is the power that truly builds wealth and survival, not resources. Humans have been much better at war than agreement, and the treaties that follow are usually dictated by the "winners", which is why we have an "inclusion" problem. We think it is now a new time in history to consider, for the first time, skipping war, and going right to agreement. This action of history does not depend on nations. It depends on you, each of us who consider this. This conversation is your opportunity to exercise a choice, to take yourself off the field of battle, and bring yourself to the table of agreement, a treaty with yourself and on behalf of your generations that follow. As each of our fellow 100 Million global citizens adopts it, we, the people, who "agree to agree", can move the world to work economically, morally and sustainably, for each and every one of us. 100%.

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23 Protesters Dead In Baghdad's Green Zone Clashes: Report Automatic weapon and rocket fire echoed throughout Baghdad from the high-security Green Zone, which houses government buildings & diplomatic missions

A Deeper Dive


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Both organizations are co-developing a token designed to underwrite a new, ownerless."

The Missing Conversation hosted by Robert Strock Who interviews Daniel Matalon

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~ Robert Strock~
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Free Lunch Podcast The Who interviews Daniel Matalon

In today’s episode Greg and Colin interview Daniel Matalon. Daniel, an expert in survival economics and social justice, attempts to answer the question “Is there enough?”  Listen in to find out more…

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"The question "is there enough?" is like a yeast starter, once you ask the question it expands. Dan aims to meet everyday folk in a place where they can reflect on their identities and their worldviews, opening a space for new collaborations. Enjoy this podcast!"

Minddog TV hosted by Matt Nappo Who interviews Daniel Matalon

"Working from a book, a conversation, and a unique social researchexperiment that has taken him to 22 countries, Mr. Matalon isasserting that humanity’s biggest existential threat is not climatechange, tribalism or inequality but our inability to make agreement..."

The Leadership Window Hosted by Patrick Jinks Who interviews Daniel Matalon

"Working from a book, a conversation, and a unique social research experiment that has taken him to 22 countries, Mr. Matalon is asserting that humanity’s biggest existential threat is not climate change, tribalism, or inequality, but our inability to foster agreement with each other at the level we require to address our challenges."

Live & Lead for Impact hosted by Kirsten Ross Who interviews Daniel Matalon

"#IsThereEnough campaign, a new conversation about wealth, survival and sustainability that he claims even a 5 year old can have. His upcoming book to be released at the end of the year, suggests that we have an even greater threat to humanity than climate change, and we are about to hear what he thinks that is..."


What people are saying  

Hon, E. David Burt, JP, MP

Hon, E. David Burt, JP MP

Bermuda Premier
"The #IsThereEnough conversation stretches our imagination. It suggests that we might have more resources to work with than we think do. This conversation is worth attention and discussion."
Patti McEuen

Patti McEuen

“#IsThereEnough is exactly the right question at exactly the right time in history.”
Champion Aquatics Coach, Founder of #DreamCatchers Foundation text inside of a div block.
Debbie Resnick

Debbie Resnick

Business Professional & Environmental Activist block.
“The path from here to there requires new systems, methods and organizations. That would require new agreements. The “#IsThereEnough campaign is a bold and forward thinking platform to enable those conversations and agreements!”
Adriaj Gupta

Adiraj Gupta

“I believe #IsThereEnough shows a unique promise to encourage cooperation that will help create a more inclusive social and economic system of wealth and sustainability.”
Investment Strategist Co Founder Impact Launchpad text inside of a div block.
Kristie Thompson

Kristie Thompson

Impact Investment Producer, President of #IsThereEnough USA, and a Certified DAR Member
"As a conservative, I see #IsThereEnough reaching out into the common heart of humanity and reminding us that we ALL have value, no matter who we are, or where we are on this planet. "
Sherif Samy Botros

Sherif Samy Botros

Founder and CEO of Autonomicity Game & Alpha ProMega Media

"I immediately knew once I discovered #IsThereEnough ... that our goals align, to save the world and make it better. i feel absolutely privileged, and honored to collaborate, and contribute towards ensuring the success of this critically important mission"
Danie Asomani

Daniel Asomani

Founder and CEO of Vodec Africa

"#IsThereEnough is a movement that demands answers of global partnerships and economic inclusion. We need to move to an era of co-operation for sustainability and survival."
Thibault Verbiest

Thibault Verbiest

Global Fintech Leader, Novelist and Former Advisor to The World Bank

"#IsThereEnough is about a new era in our evolution, as a global society. As a campaign built around real and meaningful conversations, it is about building a future, of economic and social inclusion, through the power of agreement" .
Fiona Lee Evans

Fiona Lee Evans

Director, Pimento Hall International School

"#IsThereEnough was introduced to students and families at our school. From kindergarten, to the teens in Grade 8, each child left the room curious to test the application of ‘an agreement mindset’their own lives”
Moshe Garelik

Moshe Garelik

Founder of the UniOne Campaign
“I support and endorse the #IsThereEnough conversation because this question is awakening the conscious space in human beings where we recognize that there is enough and we are all one.”
Rodrique Fouafou

Rodrique Fouafou

Pan African Diaspora Leader, Angel Investor, Founder and CEO of HartNamtemah and Wouessi
"#IsThereEnough is a stronger voice of wider reach, here to drive an inclusive conversation helps make the world actually work for 100% of humanity ."

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