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Buckminster FullerWorld Game

                         Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller, one of the 20th century’s most prolific, productive and innovative thinkers, designers, and engineers, defined an objective for humanity based on his mathematical research in which all human beings on earth could survive and achieve a genuine standard of living. This was not posed as an effort by governments, but as an alliance of people recognizing not only the legitimate right of survival for everyone, but the available resources and means, mathematically, for it to be realized, by collaboration and science.

First Agreement

A number of people around the world have come together to recognize a simple truth of human survival.  Wealth, a category that is more than money, but the totality of our land, food, water, energy, technology, and currency, and all the other wealth that can be defined that feeds us, is not produced by resources, as our economic systems have us expect. Wealth, and survival itself, are actually produced by #agreement, something humans are not historically good at. We’ve been good at war for most of 70,000 years, and our modern economic systems are even built on it. In 300 years of economic cycles, it is primarily after war, that we really expand wealth.  Yet, no amount of war, no class, cultural or political conflict, stops us, as people, from choosing to make #agreement our #value, even to make it a basic economic one.

Yes We Can
One Agreement at A Time

It just starts with one, one single agreement, from you, to create a new conversation and that starts with the biggest question you can ask about human survival, #IsThereEnough. That is what this site is about, an invite for you to join a simple conversation about humanity, to examine it, and think on it, and once you are clear on what you are signing, to sign on to a new global agreement we are proposing, along with people all over the world doing the same, saying we will choose to make agreement over war. We invite you to learn what this campaign is all about and if you agree with its central single idea and its objective to reach 100 Million signers, then please, show us your support today. Sign on, on behalf of thousands of people of the world who you will lead. Step up and use your voice.

We are calling this The Economic Peace Treaty. It is not a treaty of sovereign nations. It is a treaty of 100 million sovereign individuals. Individuals like you. You own your life and your choices. It may be hard to imagine that an agreement can create such power but as each agreement is added here and as #enough numbers pile up, we can leverage our voice to make the world work for (an ever closer to) 100% of all of us, and certainly more than where we are now.

Please sign this agreement. It might be the only treaty many of us ever get to have a hand in, the way you have in your hand right now.

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What are people saying about #IsThereEnough

Adiraj Gupta
Adiraj Gupta
Investment Impact Strategist  
Founder Crypto Launchpad

“I believe #IsThereEnough shows a unique promise to encourage cooperation that will help create a more inclusive social and economic system of wealth and sustainability.”

Oliver Devillard
Oliver Devillard
Psychological researcher, Speaker, and Technology Innovator, Founder, TribeHub

“The #IsThereEnough campaign is powerful, and psychologically sound, and I see real potential in it having a large positive impact on our society.”

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