Our Positions

Everything we think and do here is based on how it can further a world that works for 100% of humanity, that resolves The World Game. There are certain widespread, some prefer to say systemic, applications of values, people and technology which have the opportunity to measurably further that goal, like universally available water from the atmosphere, or sustainably producing universal income without a government or taxes. If you see us listing something here, we are taking a position on it, a stand, that these solutions need attention, resources, and capital. They need 1000 flowers blooming, and a number of organizations working on them, hopefully together. If you have anything to offer in furthering these goals, we are eager to review it.

Universal Private Income

We are interested in promoting any and all solutions that can demonstrate and deliver universal income such as our friends at GoodDollar and Anatha are doing right now directly, and is indirectly and organically growing through the marriage of gaming and DeFi.

We want to see 100's of efforts like these, and we intend to participate in producing some of them ourselves. We have done 100's of hours of market research about people's opinions on this idea, and have discovered poignant and emotional feelings about what life might be like if people did not have to work for a living, but could choose to work for life.
Universal Private Income
Atmospheric Water Generator

Water From The Air

We have a water crisis. Wars are fought over it and many predict more are to come from inevitable climate change. Yet, we do not actually have a freshwater scarcity. We have freshwater ignorance. There is enough water in our atmosphere to support every human being on earth, and then some. We could support humanity and relieve our groundwaters by building and scaling Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) technology to produce water from the air, wherever new generation is needed. We are actively supporting the development of this industry with finance, strategy, and public awareness.

Sustainable Aeronautics and Universal Mobility

Mobility is a lense through which we can measure our standard of living. Beyond the mere survival of 100%, our mobility represents our range of choice in the world, not just in the destination we choose, but in the mode of transportation. The late Hans Rosling of the Gapminder Institute famously described the ladder of wealth as a function of whether we ride on foot, by bicycle, motorbike, car, plane or spaceship. Of course, flight, as the biggest user of fuel, causes the most damage to the biosphere. This does more than threaten the planet. It further limits access to a wider humanity.

Flight is an astonishing human achievement and solving the problem of making aviation sustainable, and available, to everyone, is something entrepreneurs and investors are working all over the world to do, but we also need to invest in the training that produces the ideas to make that particular great goal a reality. Canada's Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Aeronautics (WISA) is a world leading hub model for sustainable aviation and aerospace research, technology, and education, that we want to call your attention to, and to help us support it, and many more like it so we can develop the human talent to make flight, and every form of mobility we invent in the future, net positive, and available to everyone.
Universal Mobility
Global Identity

Global Identity

There are 1000's and 1000's of efforts currently underway to address global identity because the need is paramount, and the technology has arrived to address it. Solving it can even raise the rights and justice of human beings in the process, turning a crisis into an opportunity.

By 2050, nearly a billion people may be homeless and without a passport. Even if we miraculously reduce the number, to just 100 Million, that is 100 times the number of Syrian refugees in the 2010's. We have a lot of questions to pose, in addressing that problem, and one of them is how people will prove who they are. That is not so easy.

When or if a country dissolves or fails, what happens to those citizens of humanity? How can they move around the globe and be able to accurately, safely, and at their own discretion of privacy, prove their existence? These are questions we need to debate now, to prepare for the nationless future. Part of our contribution is by way of a relationship of The Fuller Treaty, unique and stamped on the blockchain and connecting it to any preferred global ID methods we support, within your wallet, keeping track of your self affirmed rights,  identity along with your crypto assets, in one place.
The importance of religious freedom

Freedom of Religion and Belief

Wherever and whenever human beings are threatened, coerced, or harassed, because of their religious beliefs (including the right to have no religious belief at all) all of our freedoms are threatened because of it.

Religious intolerance is considered by experts to be a key marker on the path to genocide. If there is a genuine early indicator of the dangers of genocide it is around threats to our ability to practice (or not practice) our chosen faith.

While we have no religious core to #IsThereEnough,  we believe that the freedom to believe as you see fit is truly a matter of human survival. We all need to protect each other's sovereignty of belief. We believe in the value of human life and culture, in all its forms and credos. Those forms must be protected.