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#IsThereEnough Social Researcher Citizen Journalist

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Imagine being able to gain agreement, even with people you don't agree with, and without giving up your values or those of your tribe. Seeing this conversation through other people's eyes will do just that and amazingly quickly. It will give you a whole new perspective on people's values, and your own, and best of all, it takes just ten hours of attention over any comfortable time frame. Interview 10 people, and report back to us your experience, and you can do exactly that.

Using our guided assistance, we will show you how to do these ten simple 20-minute interviews, either off camera (gaining the title certificate of an #IsThereEnough Social Researcher) or on camera, even on Zoom where you send us the recordings to air on our YouTube channel. That will give you the title of an #IsThereEnough Citizen Journalist. In just 10 hours, you will discover a whole set of talents for building alliance and agreement than you never knew you had.

Wealth is produced by agreement, not resources, Daniel Matalon, Founder of #IsThereEnough