MLK and Economic Justice

MLK quote

Martin Luther King Jr. clearly identified that there is no justice without economic justice and the arc of that justice itself is about participation, a widening, in which more people are able to play in the economic game.  If there is enough to go around, and globally there is, then rich people are safe being rich, and the poor are also able to rise. We do not have to "even" scales or take from anyone. We only have to produce more to put on the scales. Whether you are a liberal or a conservative, when the pie gets bigger, everyone wins. This is not about politics or partisanship. A bigger pie just happens to also mean, including more people. Participation means start to finish. It is about everyone and their responsibility. Inclusion is what we all seek and yet, somehow, that is not our first agreement. We as humans do not start with "everyone". That might be our problem .

“The arc of justice is about expanding participation so that more people are choosing in the economic game..."

Economics is an agreement.   The one we are operating under contains a flaw, a bug in the software. It starts out with a false measure, a fictionally limited pie, that history has never proven, in fact, is limited. But because we all agree with that unproven idea and because we do not really challenge it, that agreement, false as it is, controls our economic results and just leaves people out of the picture. And, even if you yourself believe in abundance, if you live in an economic system that agrees with, and operates, out of scarcity, you are still (reluctantly) in agreement with it.

It’s a choice of who we are to be.