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Ask Yourself and discover your values

Ask Yourself

Discover Your Real Values

The first thing to do is truly consider this. Ask yourself, what do you think there is enough of ? What do you think there is NOT enough of? Start with your own list and see where it takes you.

Is there enough food, water, and land ? How about money, jobs and opportunity ? Is there enough compassion, love, fairness, or equality ? You are opening a conversation with yourself, both about limits and freedom, and are helping to establish clarity over what you really value. If you have not yet taken our survey, use it to help you figure it out. If you have completed it, try it doing it a second time. People tell us they get more out of it after doing it the first time and thinking it over.

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Dig Deeper

Look behind the conversation

The ideas, thoughts, and values that this campaign have been combined from, are as enlightening as its opening question, #IsThereEnough. We call them our influences and learning a bit more about each might just broaden your understanding of human ideals and agreement. Some are clips as short as 3 minutes, while others might take more than 6 hours to comb through. Each influence listed has been carefully chosen to impress a single notion that is reflected in the conversation of agreement over war.

Ask Others

The best way to learn about this conversation is to have this conversation, with other people. Posing this blank, simple question to people is not easy. Most  will imagine you are asking something more than you are. It can even be a bit uncomfortable, but when you are sincere in asking it, people really do respond, in ways you cannot imagine. They reveal what really matters to them, and you, listening and learning from them, begin to see what you can do, yourself, to create more agreement in the world. It is a powerful way to apply the inspiration this conversation has created in you, to be even reading this. Take the next step and ask ten other people this question. We can show you how, in a video we have made, about how to conduct the conversation of #IsThereEnough. Please share it out on social media, but there are other ways to put that asking exercise in a nice neat research box. Go out and ask people this of ten people, on camera, or off.

Agreement Academy

Social Researcher Image

Social Researcher

See it through other people's eyes

Here is an experiment. Reach out to 10 people, ask them #IsThereEnough? and pursue wherever the conversation takes you. Make notes and report back to us your discoveries and insights. At the point that you submit that as your results, you become a certified Social Researcher for the campaign. That opens you to newer material from all the other social research we are doing, giving you access to 1000's of other interactions and data points. Your treaty certificate will also be able to reflect your Social Researcher status in future printings.

Citizen Journalist

Put it on camera

As a citizen journalist, you take the same work you would be doing as a Social Researcher and put the conversation on camera, on the street, in a studio setting, or on zoom. It is harder, still, because it puts another set of reflections on the question. It challenges your authenticity. You can even purchase the pack you see pictured here, with a press pass, allowing you access to some special events. When you complete ten on camera interviews, we give you the title of Citizen Journalist.

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If you are ready, and are clear on the value of this conversation, and want to see it move forward, the most valuable, and simple low-time thing you can do is to be one of those who stand up and affirm The Economic Peace Treaty. Yours will be one of the first 50,000 invitations offered in Pre Launch of what will be 100 Million, commitments made not by nations, but by individual sovereign people, like you, each one incrementally establishing a global economic agreement to pursue agreement over war, and to really make it possible for the world to work for 100% of humanity. Each signer of the treaty is given a unique affirmation number, issued on an NFT, based on the sequence of signing. Several of the first few hundred are already spoken for. We certainly expect that the earliest numbers will have the attention value of early leadership.

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Expand the #Hashtag Conversation

Our Clubhouse is taking the #IsThereEnough conversation into specific #subhashtag conversation, over several weeks. We will be interviewing experts on in various fields who will join us to discuss #IsThereEnough #Water, #IsThereEnough #Food, #IsThereEnough #Compassion, and so on. You can join our clubhouse with this invitation, and see our entire schedule.

Clubhouse Schedule

Host An #IsThereEnough Event

Get a group of people together to talk about this. It does not matter the size, it can start with only a few. Start off by showing the preview to Poverty Inc.or the SDG video, just to kick it off, and then share your story of how you came upon this conversation. Use this kick off of the video and your story to suggest that economics is about something bigger than money. It is also about justice. It is about how Buckminster Fuller would define wealth, as a measure of survival and an expansion of our standard of living and how all people have access to it.

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